Lionfish is our WordPress starter theme. It's what every project is started with when we reach CMS development. Our normal process sees responsive UI development happen first, then that is built into a WordPress theme. So this is meant to start from a point where static is already completed, but you could certainly start using this in pretty much any workflow because it's built to be fairly opinion-less.

Purposefully Lean

Lionfish is built to be lean, no-frills, just basic get up and go WordPress starter theme.

Things you wont find in Lionfish:

  • Comments Template
  • Search & Results Templates
  • Archive & Category Templates

If it's not something we use 99% of the time, then you wont find it here.

Coming Soon

  • Gulp


See something you think should be added or would be beneficial and fits into the idea of "lean & no-frills" - let us know!

Check it out on Github:

Posted by Drew Poland

Founder and Lead Developer of Spotfin Creative. WordPress Community Member.

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